Energy recycling in La Seyne-sur-Mer

Transforming a small temperate water loop into a large full blown heat and cold network, with ambitious economical and ecological objectives, that is the aim of La Seyne-sur-Mer city and the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolitan area

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Energy recycling, how does it work?

New technologies enable the use of warm heat sources to heat or cool buildings. Here we use the energy of the sea water, pumped at a depth of five meters. This energy will be carried away by a fresh water network running through the city. This network allows the recovery of the dissipated thermic energy produced by the heat pumps, which would normally be wasted in the air surrounding the building.

Economical and ecological benefits

Sea water is a cost-free, natural and renewable heat source. Furthermore the calories released by the heat pumps can be transfered in the water of the loop and reused in other buildings. Money is saved and less CO2 is produced.

car equivalent removed from traffic every year
of calories from renewable source

The incidence on the sea is negligible: less than 1°C of temperature difference 5 meters away from the water release point of the pumping station according a Dalkia four-year study.

Seeing network operation in real time

Monitor energy usage - heating, cooling and heated sanitary water - of network users, the electric consumption to make it work, CO2 emissions and other indicators.

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